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Earlsdon Primary School


Behaviour poster for children and classrooms

We aim to find and reward good behaviour and encourage children to make the right choices.


Caught You Being Good!

These tokens are carried by all staff and rewarded for good behaviour at all points in the day. On Friday’s children put their tokens into a special box, and a name is drawn during assembly. The child who is drawn out wins a reward, and their class also receives extra playtime!



From Year 3 onwards, stars are rewarded for outstanding work. Children stick their stars onto special charts, which they will take with them throughout their time at Earlsdon.

Children who complete a row of stars are acknowledged in assemblies during the week. Children who complete a star chart receive a special certificate.


Star of the Week

Each week, every teacher nominates one child who has stood out for their outstanding work or behaviour during that week.

If your child is nominated, you will be invited to a special assembly on Friday, where they will receive a certificate in front of the school.


Home School Agreement

Parental support and involvement are essential in all aspects of the school. Where there is a problem with behaviour, active support from home nearly always improves performance at school.


Expectations about behaviour are communicated to parents via the 'School Rules OK!' booklet, which is sent home at the beginning of each school year and parents, pupils and teachers are expected to sign the Home School Agreement.


Parents with concerns about their child’s behaviour at school are encouraged to raise them with the class teacher in the first instance.

Earlsdon Primary School Values