We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded our ECO Green Flag award.
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Welcome to our new ECO page 


Welcome to our new ECO page. You will now notice that our School Council, JLT and ECO have all been allocated their own tabs and pages. 

Also visit: to find out more about our Living Walls project. 

We have done it!

Congratulations to our pupils, staff and wider community who have helped us succeed in getting our Green Flag ECO award! 

Our curriculum, our innovative use of space, our work with the Commonwealth project, our Living Walls project work and much more has enabled us to secure our Green Flag award 2022!


Your pupils have a wonderful progression of curriculum topics as they go through the school. It’s lovely to hear that Year One use story books as an entry point for their rainforest and Australia projects, while learning about important issues such as deforestation and habitat destruction. We are also fans of ‘Oi Get Off Our Train’ – it’s a great entry point for global conservation! We are most impressed to read about all the sustainability issues which you pack into the Y6 Spring term project especially renewable energy sources. Your Eco House and Living Wall projects are especially interesting and it’s wonderful that you are working with the RIBA to actually make eco-houses.


Your pupils certainly learn many different environmental/sustainability topics as they pass through the school- thank you so much for telling us all about them and well done Earlsdon staff for making your children’s learning so interesting and sustainable – we are very impressed.


We are so pleased that you managed to save some of the trees from the Festival Gardens – like you we don’t like to hear of trees being thrown away! It’s great that you have not been deterred from planting trees and having class planting areas, just because you are an inner-city school, (as you have obviously realised – it’s even more important in such areas) but that in fact parents and staff have been involved in making planters for the trees – much more sustainable and cheaper too! How exciting to be involved in the Commonwealth project – that is something, we think, that will keep you busy (as if you are not busy enough already!)


Finally, we have been very impressed by your many achievements this year despite Covid and having a new coordinator taking over the Eco Schools project, who has managed your innovations brilliantly!



ECO Squad and Green Team 


The Eco Squad and Green Team enjoyed a lovely morning at Lakeview Community Allotments (the ZEN) learning all about growing organic edibles using permaculture.

Green Day success 


Thank you so much for all the generous donations of plants, seeds, bulbs, pots and other amazing creations towards our sensory garden. We were overwhelmed by all the fantastic things made over the Easter holidays and can't wait to continue to enhance our front garden and sensory garden over the next few weeks, using our funding from GB Partnerships. The aim of sensory garden is to create an area of the playground that children can access to stimulate their senses and allow them to connect with nature. The area will also be used to grow lots of fruits and vegetables and hopefully our bee friendly plants will attract lots of bugs and bees to our garden, thank you to Joanne at Bee Friendly Kenilworth for talking to children in Y2 about the importance of pollinators and helping them plant wildflowers. Also, thank you to Bay 1tyres in Kenilworth for their kind donation and Mr Gascoyne for making the fantastic sens

Green Day 2022

We are thrilled to be hosting our very first 'Green Day' on April 29th. We will be welcoming children to wear green, donate a gift to our developing sustainable, sensory garden. Introduce the 'bottle top' competition that we will be taking part in and have been busy collecting bottle tops for, as well as our ECO team introducing a 'Design a bird house' competition and our ECO song. You will see attached some holiday homework for anyone who would like to participate. 

ECO Update

Our ECO Team have been very busy over the last term, they have been writing, making and designing their first assembly for the children and staff within our school. Here they will be introducing themselves and showcasing some of the wonderful things that they have been up to, they have also organised their very own bird house competition - watch this space for more information, and in addition will be helping to organise a Green Day later this Spring to raise funds for our outdoor, sustainable sensory garden. They have been very busy bees! 

New News... 

Over the last month the Junior Leadership Team has started recruiting its new members and some of the Year 6 children have already started their new roles. In addition, this year Earlsdon Primary School will be aiming to earn their ECO award. For the first time, the JLT has appointed their first ECO squad. Over recent weeks the ECO squad have been completing their baseline assessment for our school and have now formulated their action plan. During the course of the year we will be aiming to meet our actions; improve our schools bio-diversity, waste and litter within the school. The children would also like to organise a community litter pick in the New Year! We are very excited. In the short term, if anyone has any bug houses, bat boxes, bird houses or bird feeders that they would no longer like or would like to donate, they would be well received by our ECO team. Thank you.

Earlsdon Primary School Values

  • A culture is strong when people work with each other, not for themselves. Simon Sinek
  • In diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Maya Angelou
  • Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It's too high! Come to the edge. And they came, and he pushed, and they flew. Christopher Iogne
  • Resilience comes from the Latin word 'resalire', which means springing back.
  • You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Jane Goodall