Thank you to everyone who supported our Green Day and also came along to the Commonwealth Games Community Festival on the school playground as part of the Earlsdon festival celebrations.
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Earlsdon Primary School

Who's Who

Senior Leadership:

Headteacher: Mrs Rhona Forde

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Bollands

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Emily Dooley (Year 1,2 and 3 Lead)

Assistant Headteacher: Miss Victoria Haines (Year 4, 5 and 6 Lead)

SENDco: Miss Joanne Higgs


School Business Manager: Mrs Sue Sperring 

Curriculum lead teacher: Mrs Wendy Smith


Key Stage 2


Year 6:

Teacher: Miss Victoria Haines (Assistant Head)

Teacher: Mrs Hazel Howat (Maths)

Teacher: Mrs Pavandeep Sehmar (English)

Teacher: Mrs Michelle Andrews (Foreign Languages)

Learning support: Mrs Shona West


Year 5:

Teacher: Mrs Johanna Ashmore (Science)

Teacher: Mr Charles Whitehead

Learning support: Miss Laura Wykes


Year 4:

Teacher: Mr Richard Hook (Music and ICT)

Teacher: Miss Beth Murray 

Learning support: Mrs Katie Ronchetti


Year 3:

Teacher: Miss Louise Wale (Computing)

Teacher: Mrs Cindy Rawlings (History)

Teacher: Mrs Oliva Hartwell 

Learning support: Mr David Webb

Key Stage 1


Year 2:

Teacher: Mrs Emily Dooley (Assistant Head)

Teacher: Mrs Deborah Hughes (PSHE)

Teacher: Mrs Helen Griffiths (Art)

Learning support: Mrs Mairead Leigh and Mrs Gemma Cook


Year 1:

Teacher: Mrs Tracy Howells (English)

Teacher: Mrs Shereen Whittaker (Geography)

Learning support: Miss Melissa Lewis, Mrs Emma Senaux and Mrs Alison Hine


Foundation Stage:

Foundation Stage Lead Teacher: Mrs Allison Fenerty

Teacher: Mrs Laura Marvin (Design Technology)

Learning support: Mrs Mandy Reilly, Mrs Dawn Smith


Pastoral Support: 

Mrs Sophie McAteer (Pastoral lead)

Mrs Suzie Lopez-Bloomfield (Learning Mentor)

Mrs Emma Senaux, Mrs Lauren Taylor-Coles & Mrs Ann Thompson


Additional learning support:

Mrs Alison Hine, Mrs Kate Blundy, Mrs Gemma Cook, Mrs Emma Senaux, Mrs Laura Dargie, Miss Nicolette Maybe, Mr Gary Gascoyne 


Learning support (P.E and sport) 

Mr Gary Gascoyne and Mr Dhiren Kumar 




Administrative Officers

Finance Officer: Mrs Tina Ross

Clerical Officer: Mrs Shirley Harper

Receptionist/Clerical Assistant: Mr Nathan Rogerson

Receptionist/ Clerical Assistant: Mrs Eileen Swords

Receptionist/ Clerical Assistant: Mrs Adele Spencer




Site Services Officer: Mr Kevin McDonagh



Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs June Davies

Mrs Marie-Ann Marsay

Mrs Taranjeet Panesar

Ms Sharon Petch

Mrs Liz Roughton

Mrs Barbara Szafraniec

Mrs Nehreen Mostafa

Mrs Lena Shivshanker

Mrs Clare Nixon

Mrs Shazia Ahmed 


Breakfast / After-School Club:

Play Leader: Mrs Lauren Taylor-Coles

Deputy Play Leaders: Mrs A Thompson

Miss Chanel James Thompson

Play Assistant: Mrs June Davies

Play Assistant: Miss Nafeesa Begum

Play Assistant: Mrs Sunita Kaur

Play Assistant: Miss Marie-Ann Marsay

Play Assistant: Mrs Lena Shivshanker

Play Assistant: Mrs Julie Trevis

Play Assistant: Mrs Barbara Szafraniec


Earlsdon Primary School Values

  • A culture is strong when people work with each other, not for themselves. Simon Sinek
  • In diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Maya Angelou
  • Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It's too high! Come to the edge. And they came, and he pushed, and they flew. Christopher Iogne
  • Resilience comes from the Latin word 'resalire', which means springing back.
  • You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Jane Goodall