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Earlsdon Primary School


Little Red Riding Hood visits Year 2

Year 3 Home Learning Landscape art using contour lines

Year 2 Home Learning

Year 5 Home Learning

Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 David Zinn inspired art

Year 1 Home Learning

Year 4 Home Learning

Year 6 Pandemic Art

Year 6 Home Learning

Year 3 Home Learning

Year 6 Home Learning - alternative front covers

Year 4 Home Learning

Year 1 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning

Year 5 Home Learning

Reception Friday mud kitchen fun!

Whole school Science Fair competition

Year 6 Drawing with scissors

World Book Day - sharing books with other children

Preloved book sale

World Book Day

Author visits for World Book Day. Cat Weatherill and Harriet Goodwin

Year 6 Drawing using the 2 point perspective of iconic buildings

Reception art based on Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night

Year 2 mixed media art

Year 3 D/T Ancient Egyptian inspired board games

Reception volcano

Year 1 Toy Museum

Reception dinosaurs

Library visit Year 1 and Year 5

Rev Tulo assembly Fruit of the Spirit

Year 1 Herbert Art Gallery Victorians, patterns, print and toys

Vex IQ robotics @Howes Primary

Young Voices

Year 6 Avoncroft visit

Reception Theatre visit

Year 3 Birmingham Museum workshop for mummification

#CoventrySmashesSport City of Culture

Year 4 Ukulele lessons

Year 1 learning, appraising and actions to ‘In the Groove’ in the style of Baroque

Year 3 motor skills through juggling

Year 5 Sugar solubility experiment

Year 6 gymnastics

Reading buddy local library visit

Year 6 ‘ Yo en el mundo’

Year 1 Van Gogh inspired paintings using water colours

Year 4 Rugby with CV coaches

Christmas service at St Barbara’s

Year 5 Moving vehicles

Still image for this video

Year 2 Wonka drawings in the style of Quentin Blake

Year 1 Building houses for the Three Little Pigs

Year 3 Seasonal calendars

Reception Nativity scenes

Year 6 Festive circuits in science

Year 4 Viking Longboat

Year 6 World War 2 art based on Picasso’s Guernica

Year 2 Marbling and bag making

Year 2 Moving vehicles

Christmas dinner and festive jumper day

Year 1 circuits

Year 5 Tag rugby tournament

PTA Christmas Fayre

Reception No 1 challenge

Year 6 Art Peace and Reconciliation

Year 2 Memorial Park for Remembrance

Year 3 D/T project inspired by Roman Sandals

Year 4 Reading Buddies

Reception story settings

Year 5 Tag Rugby

Year 1 Autumn walk

Year 6 Peace and Reconciliation

KS1 Young Writers

Year 5 Black Country Museum

Year 5 Transport Museum & Lanchester Library

Year 2 Frank Whittle talk

Year 3 Cross Hands Quarry

Reception Diwali celebration

Year 2 Earlsdon Heritage Trail

Year 6 Wales

Year 3 Lunt Roman Fort

Year 2 Flying kites on Hearsall Common

Earlsdon Primary School Values

  • A culture is strong when people work with each other, not for themselves. Simon Sinek
  • In diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Maya Angelou
  • Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It's too high! Come to the edge. And they came, and he pushed, and they flew. Christopher Iogne
  • Resilience comes from the Latin word 'resalire', which means springing back.
  • You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Jane Goodall