Wishing you a safe and happy summer holiday. We look forward to welcoming children back to school on Wednesday 4th September
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Earlsdon Primary School

Enterprise Event Years 1 - 6

Flame of Friendship Closing Ceremony, organised by Mrs Bollands

Year 1 Allotment harvesting

Paris 2024 Year 5 and 6

Roman Sports Day with Coventry Museum

Year 2 Tennis at Beechwood

Year 5 Rough Close

Year 2 Herbert Art Gallery

Primary Plot Logo Competition

Primary Engineering Event Year 2

Green Week 2024

Year 6 Botanical Gardens

Year 5 Pizza making

Year 2 Great Fire of London model village

Year 1 Zoo visit

Year 5 Art

Year 2 Firemen Visit. Can you work out which teachers are dressed up?

Year 2 Brandon Marsh

Year 4 Allotment visit

Year 2 Creature Cantata concert

Flame of Friendship

World Book Day

Severn Trent Assembly

Year 1 Toy Day

Year 4 Aboriginal art of Australian animals

Book Fair

Year 2 Kite Flying Hearsall Common

Whole School Poppy Project using waterproof materials

Year 5 Engineering at Warwick University

Girls football match against Grange Farm

Ping Pong tournament

Year 6 Residential - Dol y Moch

Year 3 Cross Hands Quarry

House Point Launch!

Peace Conference in Japan